Guidelines for Submissions to Writers' Corner
Writers seeking publication in Writers’ Corner must be members of the Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail Association and/or Nature Saskatchewan or one of the affiliate organizations of Nature Saskatchewan, or a past presenter of a YFBTA event.

(At some future time, Writers’ Corner may extend publication to other nature groups in the province.)
All writing that fits within a wide purview of the YFBTA vision will be accepted for publication. The work will not be edited.
Writers’ Corner will not publish material that has already appeared in the YFBTA Newsletter.
Writing may be of any genre including non-fiction, fiction or poetry.
Fiction and non-fiction pieces are limited to a length of 2500 words. Poetry is limited to 100 lines.
Writing will be accepted on a continuous basis but it will appear on the YFBTA website in the spring.
Writing will be removed from Writers’ Corner periodically.
Note that these guidelines may be changed without notice at any time.  Please review before submitting.
  Submit your writing to Kathy Morrell

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