Kaposvar Birding Trails

Esterhazy, Saskatchewan

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John Simpson

The idea of a birding trail along the Kaposvar  reservoir first developed when I attended the inaugural meeting of the YFBTA. Judy Parker, REDA officer of Esterhazy, felt Esterhazy should be represented and asked me to attend. When discussing possible bird trails in the YFBTA areas, I immediately thought of John Nightingale’s land located two miles west of Esterhazy.

Dr. StuaKaposvar Creekrt Houston stated in his after dinner talk at the first annual general meeting of the YFBTA: “If Saskatchewan is the Duck factory of North America, the Yorkton-Duck Mountain area is its heart. The area of the YFBTA encompasses is a part of the heart. Esterhazy’s closeness to the Qu’Appelle Valley, the creeks Kaposvar and Cutarm, and the many potholes and sloughs in the area provides many opportunities for birding. The interpretive trail around the golf course is another. The little creek that flows into the Kaposvar reservoir on  the Nightingale property is my favourite.

After the meeting with John Nightingale and gaining his permission and enthusiastic support we scouted out possible trails on the site. This was accomplished in March 2004. It was decided that an eight foot bridge  would be needed to cross a three foot trench that the beavers had excavated. This would allow access to cross the creek via one of the beaver dams. With the assistance of the Esterhazy Scouts, this bridge was constructed and put in place in the spring of 2004. In June the trail was visited by the grade four classes of  P. J. Gillen School. PJ Gillen students

After spending three hours on the trail, July 4, 2004 I wrote an article about what I saw that day. At the suggestion of Walter Farquharson is was offered to “Nature Views” where it was published in the fall issue. On the last weekend of September 28, 2004, approximately 60 members of Nature Saskatchewan visited the Kaposvar Trail. 

John Nightingale and I, along with the assistance of  Wayne Provick have expanded the trails. Plans are in the works to construct a bridge and set up a viewing platform.  Also signs will be placed where needed. It is the hope of the Kaposvar Birding Trail Committee that all will be in place for the 2006 birding season.

Nature Saskatchewan Tour 2004
The Kaposvar Trails are 2.5 km West of Esterhazy on Highway #22. At the 2.5 km mark turn North and continue for 1 km. This will bring you to the start of the AB Trail. On these trails you may see wildlife such as white tail deer, beaver, coyotes and painted turtles. Various water fowl such as ducks, coots, pelicans, grebes, sand pipers and many other species of birds are also found. Forest birds are also in the area such as thrushes, flycatchers, morning doves, red winged and yellow headed blackbirds.

The Kaposvar Birding committee would like to thank the Esterhazy Boy Scouts for their continued support and contributions to the birding trails.

The location of the Kaposvar Birding Trails
can be found using Google Earth.


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