Guidelines for Photo Submissions to the Members' Gallery

Generally, photographs should be taken by current members of the Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail Association, or their immediate families.  Occasionally, members may also submit non-member photos that would be of special interest to the membership, such as unusual sightings.  

Photos should reflect subjects related to the YFBTA region.  Although your African Safari may have netted you some great shots, this is probably not the most relevant forum for them.

Especially welcome are unusual sightings for the area.  Send in the picture of that Ibis even if the bird is in the distance or a bit fuzzy.  You will be forgiven.

Photographs should be reasonably current, but frankly, good photos are never too old.

Photos must be accompanied by your name, and what the photo is of  (note that I can personally identify 7 birds, as long as 6 of them are sparrows, so I need the help).  They may also  be accompanied by a few words, sentences or a complete article, if you wish (see examples in the Gallery).  

Photographs should be limited to flora and fauna, although anything to do with nature would probably be acceptable.
For now, photographs will be displayed on this site indefinitely, but will be shuffled down the page as newer ones arrive.  Some may be removed by request or circumstance.  Although there are no set limits to the number of photographs you may submit, please limit yourself to a few a month due to the work involved in keeping the gallery current.

Photographs may be grouped by photographer or randomly by the site editor to accommodate the space available.  Newer submissions will occur closer to the top of the page.

Photos will have a border added to match the gallery format, and, if necessary, very subtle sharpening and/or enhancement may be applied for clarity, but they will not be otherwise edited. 
The photographer retains copyright / full ownership of the photograph. It will not be used anywhere other than on this gallery without permission.
Photographs may be submitted physically on any medium (eg. Flashdrive, CD, camera card, printed photograph or a slide), or emailed to: .  Any format from a digital camera is acceptable, as are photos or slides.

All of the guidelines above are subject to change without notice as they are only guidelines. There are exceptions to all, so just ask if you have any questions.

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