Non-breeding adult after a dive


"(Above) is a photo of an unpaired adult Common Loon which was part of a gaggle of 28 loons that gathered at Madge Lake this past July.  The Gaggle of unpaired loons rose and fell in numbers throughout the summer, but averaged 19 birds at any one time.  Smaller groups of 3 to 6 birds would break off from this larger group to feed in different parts of the lake to feed, then would return to the larger group in the late afternoon.  Unlike paired loons on the lake, these unpaired birds would allow boaters to approach very closely without getting upset.  We parked our pontoon boat right in the middle of the group one afternoon, and sat there for at least 15 minutes, while loons would swim and dive right next to the boat.  This particular loon had just surfaced when I took the photo.  You can see small beads of water clinging to the feathers on its head."


Doug Welykholowa

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