Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail Association Inc.

 The YFBTA invites you to become a member of an organization concerned about
the conservation and preservation of habitat for wildlife. 


The tragic fact is that across Canada and throughout North America many birds are disappearing and may soon become extinct unless we monitor their numbers and protect their habitat. We need to encourage people to save and develop areas for birds and wildlife. Preserving nature is our legacy to future generations who may never know the pleasure of seeing birds which are in existence today.
If you have been a member in the past, we urge you to renew your membership. If you are not currently a member, we would be happy to have you as a new member of this organization. Your membership is appreciated even if you are unable to become an active member. Your name is one more voice expressing concern about the loss of wildlife habitat, as well as the declining numbers of species and birds in our area and Saskatchewan. A large membership indicates growing concern.

Lend us your name by purchasing a membership and we will send you a copy of our newsletter as it is published throughout the year. If you wish to attend YFBTA meetings which are held at regular intervals, usually monthly, your attendance and contribution is welcome.
The YFBTA is affiliated with Nature Saskatchewan which publishes Nature Views and The Blue Jay. In addition to these publications there is a wealth of information on wildlife in Saskatchewan, Canada and North America.

Add your name to our membership and:
  • receive our newsletter 'What's Flying Around',
  • get involved in active conservation,
  • learn about birds and birding,
  • share your experiences and sightings; send or email us photos and anecdotes of bird sightings,
  • attend informational meetings and conferences,
  • share your concern for the preservation of birds and all wildlife,
  • help us to increase public awareness of the importance of birds and wildlife,
  • meet old and new friends who share an important concern, the preservation of birds and their habitat.
The YFBTA uses the funds from the memberships to print brochures, purchase trail signage, update and clean trails and much, much more!

Members are mailed a copy of the “What’s Flying Around” newsletter that is published by the YFBTA numerous times throughout the year. Members are also invited to attend YFBTA Annual General Meeting and Events. All trails are open to members for no fee. All members are entitled to one vote at a meeting of members and may also become directors of the corporation.
Memberships for 2024 have been set at $30.00
Memberships are available for purchase by contacting members of the YFBTA or a member of the Executive.
Click here for a printable Membership application form

Please remit membership fees by cheque or money order.  E-payments are also available.
Do not send cash.

Mail the form and your payment to: 

The Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail Association   |   Box 252   |   Saltcoats, SK. Canada   |   S0A 3R0