Date: December 28th, 2013

Participants: Arden & Donna Bradford, Len & Muriel Cameron, Dave Herron, Walter Farquharson, Jim & Shirley Jowsey, Ron & Gerri Knudsen, Fern McKay, Randy Torrie, Verne Trowell, Rob & Joan Wilson.

Rock Pigeon   18
Eurasian Collared-Dove   14
Great Horned Owl   1
Downy Woodpecker   15
Hairy Woodpecker   14
Blue Jay   14
American Crow   16
Common Raven   38
Black-capped Chickadee   51
White-breasted Nuthatch   10
Cedar Waxwing   15
Snow Bunting   215
Pine Siskin   2
House Sparrow   175
Goldfinch   2
American Red Squirrel   1
White-tailed Deer   3+
It should be noted that the temperature was listed as -30C.  I understand the birds and four-legged mammals had no choice, but one has to question the judgement of the human species.   -- ed.
Report courtesy of Arden Bradford / Rob Wilson