James Edgar enjoys using every opportunity to share his hobby with others through presentations followed by a chance for participants, young and old, to view our Sun through solar telescopes during the day, and a myriad of night time objects through quality telescopes.

The photos on the left show James on the beach at Good Spirit Provincial Park showing the Sun to passersby.

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Below are photos from a backyard event to view the transit of the planet Venus across the face of the Sun in June of 2012.  This is the last time this century that a Venus transit, visible from the Earth, will occur.
YFBTA members
Rob & Joan Wilson
check out Venus

(3) James Edgar looks through one of his solar telescopes.
(4) He discusses the telescope controls with astronomy enthusiast Brian Woodward.
         Two views of the small disk of Venus in front of the Sun.  The colour change is because of filters used to bring out different details.
Photos courtesy Brian Woodward, Randy Hudema and Jim Huziak