Madge Lake Loon Count Survey
Interim Reports from July 2015

Submitted by YFBTA member, Doug Welykholowa, chairperson 


All photos in this article: Doug Welykholowa
We did our 3rd count of the year on 1 July.  Only 3 chicks observed, but we are still hopeful that more will be observed over the summer.  This is based on our seeing single adults staying close to where we think are the nesting areas.  Unsuccessful adults are usually spotted in pairs, either feeding or preening.   the single birds may indicate another still sitting on a nest, or keeping young chicks in areas that we cannot easily observe into.  We are noticing a significant increase in boating activity this year due to the warm weather;  this may have an impact on the number of birds observed.  The number of territories  remains about the same as last year, with about 10% change in location.  Our observations over the summer should confirm this.
I have attached some pics of preening adults and loons with chicks.  Note that it was very smoky that day, so the colouring has a extra red/brown tone.
Doug Welykholowa
Loons Preening
Loon with chicks

We found one new chick during the 10 July count (see image of chick on back of adult below), and we may have lost one of the others.  As previously mentioned, we are still hopeful that more will be found eventually, based on the behaviour of some of the birds in the known territories (see my comments in the previous email.
Observed results for 10 July:  Adults - 46, chicks - 3
Below are some photos of preening adults, the new chick riding on the back of its parent and adults feeding the chicks a crayfish.
Doug Welykholowa


Newest Chick Chicks Feeding Chicks Feeding


Loon Preening Loon Preening