YFBTA is a not-for-profit charitable organization  which works to promote awareness of the importance of wildlife and spaces for wildlife.  YFBTA promotes conservation, preservation, awareness and tourism.

The Vision of the Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail Association is to be a group engaged in learning about, advocating on behalf of and celebrating the natural world. 

The Mission is to attract people of all ages to the organization, its programs and to trails within our geographic area. 

The area of the Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail Association extends from the Manitoba border west to #9 Highway.  The Southern part of the area begins with the Qu’Appelle Valley  and  its northern boundary lies north of # 10 Highway.  

YFBTA in North AmericaThe area was once almost devoid of trees and bush. It is part of the prairie with agricultural settlement. With  the control of the prairie fires more and more areas of poplar, aspen, and willow bush thrived. There are many small lakes and large sloughs throughout the area. Flowers bloom in abundance and fruits have produced banquets for people and other mammals, including the birds. In recent years agricultural lands have been drained. While some habitat has been destroyed, other has been maintained. Various individuals and organizations have worked to protect the wetlands and to enhance the community knowledge and awarenessMap courtesy "" of environment and environmental concerns. 

An increased number of birders are recording the sightings of more and more species. Apparent changes in migratory patterns has meant larger numbers of geese and cranes  in both spring and  the fall and  an extension  of nesting areas for these birds   and larger numbers of song birds.

Although this website provides information regarding a number of birding trails in this part of Saskatchewan, there are currently five birding trails within the YFBTA region:

The Carlton Trail Regional Park,
Cherrydale Golf Course and Nature Preserve, Kaposvar Trail, Leflay Trail & Slough View Park.

The majority of membership in the YFBTA comes from various parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


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