Results of some of the Christmas Bird Counts - 2009  conducted in The Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail (YFBTA) region:  compiled by Rob Wilson

Article and photos:  Rob Wilson on behalf of YFBTA 

Members of The Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail Association (YFBTA) have noted a growing interest in Christmas Bird Counts.  2009 results in our region reveal interesting anomalies.  Robins, while not unique to the 2009 surveys, appear to be in greater abundance in our area.  One report was received (outside the count period) indicating a shrub with over fifty robins in it. An increase in numbers was also noted for mallards.  More than one community discovered Horned Larks.   

Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail Association (YFBTA) Christmas Bird Count Results

Togo:  submitted by Doug Elsasser


Ruffed Grouse                              00

Sharp-tailed Grouse                    00

Rock Pigeon                                26

Snowy Owl                                    00

Downy Woodpecker                   12

Hairy Woodpecker                      13

Pileated Woodpecker                 01

Northern Shrike                            01

Blue Jay                                        24

Black-billed Magpie                    04

American Crow                            01

Common Raven                           18

Horned Lark                                 00

Black-capped Chickadee           66

Red-breasted Nuthatch               02

White-breasted Nuthatch            09

American Robin                           02

Cedar Waxwing                           45

Dark-eyed Junco                         00

Snow Bunting                             136

Pine Grosbeak                            44

Purple Finch                                 00

Common Redpoll                         24

Pine Siskin                                   72

Evening Grosbeak                       89

House Sparrow                            00



Total individuals on count day:  589

Species on count day                     19

Additional species                            00


Mammals:  1 Snowshoe hare;  4 Red Squirrels;  2 Coyotes; 7 White-tailed Deer


Saltcoats:  submitted by Shirley Jowsey 


Ruffed Grouse                              07

Sharp-tailed Grouse                    04

Rock Pigeon                                 07

Snowy Owl                                    01

Downy Woodpecker                    06

Hairy Woodpecker                       10

Pileated Woodpecker                  02

Northern Shrike                             00

Blue Jay                                         12

Black-billed Magpie                     19

American Crow                             00

Common Raven                            37

Horned Lark                                  05

Black-capped Chickadee           39

Red-breasted Nuthatch               13

White-breasted Nuthatch            08

American Robin                           03

Cedar Waxwing                           06

Dark-eyed Junco                         10

Snow Bunting                               17

Pine Grosbeak                             00

Purple Finch                                 02

Common Redpoll                        03

Pine Siskin                                  35

Evening Grosbeak                      00

House Sparrow                         117




Total individuals on count day:  363

Species on count day                     22

Additional species                           03

Additional species:  01 Great Horned Owl;  01 Northern Shrike;  01 Brown Creeper

Mammals:  1 Snowshoe hare;  2 White-tailed Jackrabbits; 4 Red Squirrels;  0 Coyotes;  01 Porcupine;  4 White-tailed Deer 

Canora:  Submitted by Thom Carnahan 


Ruffed Grouse                         00

Sharp-tailed Grouse               00

Rock Pigeon                            00

Snowy Owl                               00

Downy Woodpecker               00

Hairy Woodpecker                  02

Pileated Woodpecker            00

Northern Shrike                       00

Blue Jay                                   04

Black-billed Magpie                01

American Crow                       00

Common Raven                      03

Horned Lark                             00

Black-capped Chickadee      13

Red-breasted Nuthatch          04

White-breasted Nuthatch        00

American Robin                      00

Bohemian Waxwing                03

Cedar Waxwing                      02

Dark-eyed Junco                     00

Snow Bunting                           00

Pine Grosbeak                        00

Purple Finch                            00

Common Redpoll                    00

Pine Siskin                              00

Evening Grosbeak                  00

House Sparrow                       45



Total individuals on count day:   77

Species on count day                    09

Additional species                          00


Mammals:                                          00



Yorkton:  Submitted by Geoff Rushowick 



This year 12 people and 6 feeding stations took part. Participants traveled approximately 43 Km over the course of 7 hours. A total of 19 species and 1048 individuals were recorded. 



        Overcast in both the morning and afternoon.

        Temperature -140 Celsius

        Winds from the SE at 9 Km per hour

        Snow on the ground 8 to 12 cm.



Bill Anaka, Pat Fletcher, Cheryl Fraser, Joyce Gardner, Harley Large, Marge McKay, Gloria Rathgeber, Dorothy Riesz, Ray Riesz, Geoff Rushowick, Patrick Rushowick, Dorothy Skene.



Mallard 68

Black-capped Chickadee 44

Red-breasted Nuthatch 18

House Finch 1

White-breasted Nuthatch 5

European Starling 28

American Robin 2

Common Redpoll 20

Rock Pigeon 4

House Sparrow 323

Cedar Waxwing 66

Black-billed Magpie 9

Downy Woodpecker 10

Evening Grosbeak 17

Hairy Woodpecker 10

Pine Siskin 141

Blue Jay 2

Rose-breasted Grosbeak 6

Common Raven 124


Number of Species count period but not count day:

Slate colored Junco 3



Grouse - type unknown 1

Fox 3

W.T. Jack Rabbit 1

W.T. Deer 3



Red Squirrel 2




Thanks to all the participants who drove and walked or called in their observations and counts. 

Churchbridge Bird Count :  Submitted by:  Walter Karau


The day chosen to conduct the 2009 Bird Count in the Churchbridge Area was the 30th December. The weather turned out to be overcast with periods of light snow , the temperature was not all that cold, -14 to -17 degrees C, but a good breeze made it feel much colder. Not a perfect day for spotting a lot of birds.  

Our Bird count was conducted by having Ron and Elin Johnson, Phyllis Kaeding, John and Elaine Pollock and Gloria Wirth observing the activity on their respective Rural Farm Yards as well as Martha Karau keeping an eye on a urban feeder. In the mean time Ed Wirth and Wally Karau covered the Count Area by Truck, following a similar route covered in previous years.  

The results of the Count was 207 individual birds of 15 different species. Nine persons participated for a total of forty nine hours and 101 kms .were covered by truck. The Churchbridge Count area comprises approximately 100 square miles.  

Of note was the sighting of a Robin at two of the farm sights. Also of note was the lack of a single Red Pole sighting on that day. 

Prepared by Wally Karau